Mrs. Pugh's Second Grade

Teddy Bear Town News  

Teddy Bear Town News

Hi, Parents and Visitors!

In Teddy Bear Town this year, we have been hard at work earning our wages. Every day, we try to earn T.B.T. money by doing our jobs responsibly and getting our time cards signed that day. We also must have our homework copied into our notebooks (with the date!) on time. We get paid bonuses for bringing back our Library books and sometimes for working quietly and having a clean desk.

We are learning to be responsible citizens by paying our bills on time. On Store Days, we can buy items from the Teddy Bear Town General Store, and we can save our some or all of our money at our T.B.T. Bank. If we save money in the Bank, we earn interest at the end of every month. It is fun to get free money!

Next week we will be applying for different jobs in Teddy Bear Town. Mrs. Pugh needs help running the Bank, the Store, and the Utility companies since she is already busy being our teacher! We will keep the new jobs for a few weeks. If we don't do the jobs, we can lose them! Our community needs to have workers that are dependable so we can all have a good time in Teddy Bear Town.